Saturday, February 27, 2010

GBI here we come!

Kia Ora!  Just a quick update...
GK made it here yesterday morning and we are heading to Great Barrier Island tomorrow! Staying with a Kiwi mate who has a batch over there.  We will be Surfing/Kayaking/Fishing/Tramping/Solving-the-world's-problems/etc.  Should be Choice.  We were supposed to have the Onetangi Beach Races today which consists of many various activities: Boat races, relay races, tractor races, tug-o-war, heaps of socializing and tons more....but they were postponed due to the threat of the possible tsunami from the earthquakes in Chile'. Nothing happened here but I do feel sympathy for those damaged by this 8.8 scale disaster.  
This reminds me of the ole thought for the day I use to share at camp... "The Ripple Effect"... everything that happens, effects us/others in some manner.  We think, well this won't effect's far away.  Or what I choose to do doesn't effect others.  Being here in NZ, a literal ripple effect was in caution from this earthquake.  But also, one of my mates here from Argentina talked to some family at home and they even felt some of it, but are all ok.  Anyhoo, let's think about our actions and how they all effect someone/something whether it's for the better or for worse...hopefully, of course it's the first of those!  
Be back in a week with some sick pics!  Sweet as!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Below are several scenes from this past week here on Waiheke...
the 184 stairs from the beach to the top of the hill to Kina Backpackers... my morning view of Onetangi Bay... views from a friend's deck.  
Been working heaps to help pay for this great adventure... About 70 hours this past week between Charlie Farley's and Kina.  

Anticipation news: My best friend Ech is having a little girl, Liza, this week!
Sweet news: My good friend GK is booked to come over from Feb. 27 through March 10!!
Sad news: My travel mate of 3 months, Jules (from Aus), departed today to travel NZ with his brother... Great bloke!

Enjoy your day!  Leave you with a quote... 

“Until you mean something to yourself, you can’t be important to anyone else. One must live the good alone-life in order to grow and develop in one’s own way.” – Grace Moore

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superb 'Stache Squad

It's so refreshing to meet such nice people from all over the world...people that accept you no matter where you are from, what you look like, what you do for a living, how much money you have, etc. etc.  This picture is a great representation of our hostel and the laughter we are creating.  Rockin the almighty 'Stache! The Superb 'Stache Squad included (but not all pictured) from the UK, Argentina, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Australia and the US.  Watch's making a comeback...and for a great cause...humanity!