Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slow down... for SIMPLICITY!

I was reminded last night at how we quickly forget, when we get into the daily happenings and routine, to Slow Down a bit.  I know we all have heaps of responsibilities and things to do and things to get done and things that should've already been done, etc... but it is important to our sanity to take that short moment to relax, clear your mind and just enjoy the moment.  For those that do yoga or some sort of other exercise, then you know how important this time is...not just for physical health but for mental health!  I was having a dinner last night and got lost in great conversation and realized how nice it was to not have the feeling of something hanging over my "what's next, what do I need to be doing, what do I need to get done right now..."
Just a friendly reminder that we can all do just takes conscious effort.  So Slow Down, Simplify everything we are involved in, and take time to enjoy some moments...before they all get away from us!  Sweet-as!  -Bird

Saturday, October 24, 2009

2 weeks

2 weeks...that's my current tour length.  It has flown by, but seems longer with all the activities: hiking volcanoes, swimming in cold water and natural hot springs, climbing rocks, eating local cuisine, chatting with people from all over the world, skyping back home, dancing, bungy jumping, job searching, walking, experiencing, etc.
Friday, three of us took a day trip to Karekare which was absolutely gorgeous... black sand beaches... Pohutukawa trees... a wild seal... waves slamming into the seastacks... no one else around... 10 rows of breakers... cliffs...calming.  It was great!  What's next?  Wherever the wind blows... and that can be many different directions!  Traveling releases a sense of surprise, uncertainty and refreshment....and I welcome all of it.  It makes you put yourself out there... which of course makes you indulge and experience many things that you didnt think you were capable of seeing/doing.   I will leave you today with a quote... 
"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return" - Leonardo da Vinci.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Couch Surfing??

Couch Surfing?? What exactly is that?  Is it catching a wave of the unknown like in the ocean?... Who is hosting me?... What are they like?... What am I getting myself into?... Well, allow me to tell you a little about what's out there!  Couch Surfing is a giant reference community online whose official mission statement is "Bringing the world together one couch at a time."  Ha ha ha you might say... that's silly right?!?  Well, yes and no!  Yes, it seems like a crazy concept, but there are 6.1 million people worldwide that can tell you otherwise!  This is absolutely legit! Couch Surfing is the greatest set of people that I have been involved with thus far.  If it wasnt for this community, I would not have had the experience in NZ that I have had!
Three days into my trip half way across the world, I embarked on a weekend getaway with 12 strangers down to a town (Taupo) 3 hours away from Auckland.  This was the start of something incredible!  I had an absolute blast hanging with several other surfers (Germans, Americans, Kiwis) and have already developed some nice friendships!  In fact, I have stayed with someone from that group all night this week!  Sunday was with a Kiwi, Mark... Monday and Tuesday was with Julia in Takapuna, and the rest of the week is with Chris Brooks... Free week of lodging with some great people! How much better can you get?  I mean last night, at the weekly Couch Surfing get together at Buffalo Bar at the Princes Wharf in Auckland, there was a BUZZ about the place!  Loads of meeting and greeting, swapping of tall tales of travel, and a genuine warmth of 19 countries and over 85 individuals coming together for the greater good of humanity!  There is NO other place/thing I can think of in the world that brings people together for a common good than this!  Cheers for good people everywhere!  Mouranga,   -Bird

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kitchens...Save the planet?

I am about to go to bed here at a friend's flat in Tapakuno, a beach 5 minutes outside of Auckland city centre.  Today we hiked up Mt. Victoria, a volcano... and then cooked a dinner with my friend's flatmates...German girl, French guy, 2 Kiwis, and a Scottish girl.  This smaller production reminded me to blog about my hostel experience last week, where I was quickly reminded about my travels in Europe too.  At the ACB Hostel in downtown Auckland, I arrived into the kitchen to cook my dinner one night...what a fabulous experience!  A beehive of delicious smells, pots clanging, different languages, vibrant colors, creative foods, and heaps of laughter filled the room.  One of the most refreshing sights as there were over 40 people from all over the world working together... sharing burner spaces and olive oil and conversation... laughing and joking while enjoying their creations!  If only the rest of the world could take the lead that is set in hostel kitchens by young nomads. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Weekend

Alrighty...Monday morning and no Blues here!  Still high off of the weekend in which 12 of my new friends (Germans, Kiwis, Americans) and I went down to Taupo which is a crater lake formed from one of the biggest volcanic blasts in the history of the world.  Beautiful with lots of geo-thermal activity.  We jumped into a cold lake and then sat in the natural hot thermal streams that emptied into the a jacuzzi!  Had a 'good feed' (Ate lots of delicious food) and our little house was 'choice' (really cool).  Back in Auckland now and have my weeks accommodations covered as I will be staying with one of my new peeps, Chris.  
Officially been here over one week and look forward to developing a flexible plan of where to go, what to do, and figuring out that J-O-B....maybe!
Sweet-as, Bird

Monday, October 12, 2009

Made it!

Welp, made it to Auckland!  I am chilling here in the BASE backpackers hostel in the city centre with people from all over the world!   So far it's been great as I have chatted with several Kiwis and some Aussies on the flights over. 
Now that I am here it's time to get ITM (In The Mix).  Tomorrow is an orientation and then a Couch Surfers Social at the Buffalo Bar.  Should be good times making connections, getting a phone, and finding a quote Craig's dad in the movie Friday.." The word for today Craig is Job, J-O-B!"  Keep ya posted.  Cheers!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

10 Days!

Alrighty!  As I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off finalizing bills, plans, work, socials, and various accounts... all while preparing for New Zealand and the upcoming bills, plans, work, socials, and various accounts... I am reminded life as a whole is an Adventure!  And as I listen to the O'Jays Love Train right now it states, "Its time to get on board and let this train keep on riding through"...  Well, in 10 days I hop on this "train" all the way down to the newest country in the world, New Zealand... arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  So, I invite you to "hop" on this train with me and add a little Adventure to your life.  Stay posted to my new blog and maybe we can all learn about other places, people, cultures etc... and just maybe we can sing part of this song and mean it... "People all over the world, join hands, and start a love train!"  Cheers, Bird