Saturday, April 3, 2010

people watching

Fascination!!  Random... Hilarious... Crazy... Eccentric... Smooth... Unpredictable... Beautiful... Not so much... Are you serious?  
I have a secret fascination...I am an Official unofficial Anthropologist!  Besides eating good food, studying people has to be my favorite hobby!  I like it so much that I actually enjoy a four hour layover at an airport!  Ahhh, people watching brings such a joy to my inner soul... looking, watching, observing various mannerisms and styles and walks.  So exciting to indulge in this art. 
We have been at the Blues and Roots Festival here in Byron Bay Australia for the past few days.   The music has been phenomenal with talented musicians like John Butler Trio, Gypsy Kings, Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter, Fat Freddy's Drop, and my new fav Ozomatli.   But the people watching has been equally enjoyable!  Thousands and thousands of individuals dancing to a beat of a different drummer.  Actions, sayings, colors, what they have on and what they dont have on, matching schemes, old school styles, futuristics, things I have never seen, characteristics, personalities and the list goes on.
It's absolutely fascinating!  I invite you to take a minute next time you are waiting somewhere... and instead of being impatient and getting frustrated with whatever you are waiting on... take that opportunity to play the people watching game.  Only one rule with this game...No judgements... just fun observations.
You will be surprised at the enjoyment you can have.  Sweet as!

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