Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slow down... for SIMPLICITY!

I was reminded last night at how we quickly forget, when we get into the daily happenings and routine, to Slow Down a bit.  I know we all have heaps of responsibilities and things to do and things to get done and things that should've already been done, etc... but it is important to our sanity to take that short moment to relax, clear your mind and just enjoy the moment.  For those that do yoga or some sort of other exercise, then you know how important this time is...not just for physical health but for mental health!  I was having a dinner last night and got lost in great conversation and realized how nice it was to not have the feeling of something hanging over my "what's next, what do I need to be doing, what do I need to get done right now..."
Just a friendly reminder that we can all do just takes conscious effort.  So Slow Down, Simplify everything we are involved in, and take time to enjoy some moments...before they all get away from us!  Sweet-as!  -Bird

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