Thursday, October 22, 2009

Couch Surfing??

Couch Surfing?? What exactly is that?  Is it catching a wave of the unknown like in the ocean?... Who is hosting me?... What are they like?... What am I getting myself into?... Well, allow me to tell you a little about what's out there!  Couch Surfing is a giant reference community online whose official mission statement is "Bringing the world together one couch at a time."  Ha ha ha you might say... that's silly right?!?  Well, yes and no!  Yes, it seems like a crazy concept, but there are 6.1 million people worldwide that can tell you otherwise!  This is absolutely legit! Couch Surfing is the greatest set of people that I have been involved with thus far.  If it wasnt for this community, I would not have had the experience in NZ that I have had!
Three days into my trip half way across the world, I embarked on a weekend getaway with 12 strangers down to a town (Taupo) 3 hours away from Auckland.  This was the start of something incredible!  I had an absolute blast hanging with several other surfers (Germans, Americans, Kiwis) and have already developed some nice friendships!  In fact, I have stayed with someone from that group all night this week!  Sunday was with a Kiwi, Mark... Monday and Tuesday was with Julia in Takapuna, and the rest of the week is with Chris Brooks... Free week of lodging with some great people! How much better can you get?  I mean last night, at the weekly Couch Surfing get together at Buffalo Bar at the Princes Wharf in Auckland, there was a BUZZ about the place!  Loads of meeting and greeting, swapping of tall tales of travel, and a genuine warmth of 19 countries and over 85 individuals coming together for the greater good of humanity!  There is NO other place/thing I can think of in the world that brings people together for a common good than this!  Cheers for good people everywhere!  Mouranga,   -Bird


  1. Dear Jay - Sounds like you are having a great time. We miss you. I have a friend that is presently couch surfing in France. Sounds like fun, but not something you can do with children in tow. Enjoy. By the way, I have already shocked John with some of my comments. I am sure that comes as a surprise. Have fun. Karen Byrnes

  2. What's up Bird! Found the site....glad you're there and having fun.