Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beneath the Surface

We’ve all heard the expression, “Beauty is only skin deep!’’  Today I am inviting everyone that follows my blog to take a look beneath the surface.  This pertains to many things we encounter on a daily basis... individuals, places, situations, etc.  Sometimes it takes a little while to know the true personality of a person or place...or when you look deeper into things, you will discover a side or aura that you didn’t know was there. Other times it takes a situation in order for this beauty to present itself. For example, the beach here in Barrytown is covered with rocks... gray rocks... the beach just looks gray.  Then on a jog one drizzly morning...yeah the same drizzle that brings most people down into depressing funk like the Monday blues...the rain exposed the most beautiful of colors!  That’s right...the gray rocks were all of a sudden exploding with many deep rich colors when you actually took a closer look.  Once wet, the rocks true colors were revealed and it was a great treasure.  So, today I invite everyone to take a more in-depth peak at things.  You might be surprised at the beauty you will find when you dig deeper and look beneath the surface!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome, really good Bro!
    Miss the time in Baz Vegas.

    Cheers DC