Thursday, December 10, 2009

One week!

One week from tomorrow my stint here in Barrytown (Baz Vegas) is complete.  It's been a great ride filled with the following:  meeting people from all over the world, hanging with the "Wild West" locals, cooking many meals, leading fitness circuits on the beach, bartending for the Stray bus dress-up nights, lots of manual labor including digging a sand volleyball court, shoveling and gardening, calm strolls on the beach searching for green stone (Jade) and lots of laughter.  From here, I will be heading North with "Number 2" and "Wingnut" for the holidays.  We have heaps planned and some good times ahead.  My working experience will be on hold for a while as I will be enjoying a little traveling with these two and a few others.  Christmas, New Years, tramping, kayaking, swimming, beach-chilling, concert-going, skydiving, glow-worm spotting, canyoning, and much more are some of the adventures that we may experience.  Thanks for those that have been following my blog thus far.  Stay tuned for some great pics and more great commentary.  Sweet as!  Bird

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  1. Hey Jay! Everything sounds amazing! Job sounds perfect! Very happy for you! Happy Birthday (late)! Take care....alice