Friday, December 4, 2009


Welp, just celebrated ye ole Bday!  Below are a few thoughts of 
mine about our annual number stamping:
Birthdays are a fun reminder to celebrate your existence and be 
thankful for being born!  
Many people run away and do not like their Bdays! "WHY"...I say! Why run away from it? It's only a number.  
Instead, embrace the fact that you have made it this far!  
I am proud to say that I am 34.  
Thirty-four... sounds like that's getting up there! "Rubbish!" You 
are only as old as your attitude (which means I am about 12! Ha!) 
Most people dread getting older... I think life is getting better with everyday that I am fortunate enough to live through. "Everyday 
above grass is a good one!"  
Oh my, I am in my midthirties...isn't there a set plan that I need to be adhering to?...Corporate owned...married...
settled down...etc.?  
Everyone's life is different and it's interesting to figure out where 
your journey is taking you. Everyone has a unique story... I find 
that out more and more everyday traveling! 
Some of us are fortunate to have met that significant other, have 
beautiful children, loving life in a more permanent environment.
Some of us like to take the road less traveled... and that is great 
Whichever lifestyle you live and how ever old you are...remember to embrace each Birthday with open arms! It's a blessing and one of those things in life that is perceived based on your attitude.
I once heard, "It's not the years in your life..but the life in your 
years that counts!"
So Cheers for Birthdays... 
I am in my Thirty-Fifth year of existence and loving it!

"Life is one fast-moving train, and you have to jump aboard and 

hold on to your hat and relish the sweep of the wind as it rushes 

by. You have to enjoy the journey, it's unthankful not to."


  1. You "dirty dirty", "dirty thirty-FOUR" dousche!!

    wish i was there with you!


  2. Happy Birthday Jay! We miss you......

  3. Knowing you had a wonderful birthday, I hope the rest of your trip is as wonderful. I work with your bro Scott and I have to say I'm envious...I know it's not right but you are living my dream there in NZed! So keep living it and may you continue to have much life in your years!

  4. Happy for this one pajarito!!!
    un abrazo gigante y por muchos años más