Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

ALRIGHTY!  Let me just start by saying Happy New Year to everyone!  Hope you have rang in the year with a BANG already!  If not, stop wasting time and make that resolution to crank things up and get adventuring... whatever adventure means to you... just put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone for a bit, and grow!  After all, that's what life is about... checking yourself, pushing your limits, and seeing what you are made of!

An update from the past 2 weeks: Six of us (Jules, Andy, Carly, Carol, Molly and myself)  took a trip all around the North island.  In a nutshell, we rented a van and hit the road!  
Sea kayaking Cathedral Cove, glowworm sighting, skydiving (unbelievable!), whitewater rafting the Kaituna (including a 21 foot waterfall!), cliff jumping, hiking the Tongariro Crossing, climbing Pohutukawa trees, beachcombing many places, snorkling Goat Island Marine Reserve, Bay of Islands (Carol skydived again and Molly did the island helicopter tour), Waiheke wineries, and of course heaps of laughter and good times!  It was such an AWESOME experience!  Stay tuned for more insight on these adventures as well as other thoughts.  
Sweet as!


  1. Just knew you would come home to US with the girls! Missing you big!

  2. Thanks for the shout! Yeah, not quite ready yet. Missing yall BIG too though! Got some killer rocks for J-E-D! Hope all is well! Need to skype soon!

  3. What a way to start your new year! I have always wanted to skydive---don't worry I will have the balls to do it!!! That would definitely squash my fear of heights and small planes! Keep writing your blog--I'm keeping everyone up to date here at your favorite dental office!! Be safe--Luv ya, Jules