Saturday, January 30, 2010



Waiheke Island....

Quickly falling in love with this place!

From the beautiful beaches, to the genuine people, to the laidback atmosphere, to the true island’s a great place to be right now.  I am settling into a good situation too.  Below is an update:

I am working front line at Charlie Farley’s Beach Restaurant and Bar...bartending, taking orders, clearing tables, delivering food and bantering with the guests.   It’s located directly on Onetangi beach so the view is spectacular. Really nice owners and staff too!  I also just started working at the Waiheke Golf Course and will manage the clubhouse on occasion. This past week I worked from 3pm to close (about 11pm) everyday at CF and at the golf course on Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 8pm.

Before work each day we do a workout consisting of something different each day: resistance training (owner of hostel has weights in his garage), swimming a few hundred meters in the ocean, and/or running sets of stairs (from the beach to the hostel is 184 stairs straight up!). 

I am currently staying at Kina Backpackers which is just down the beach from the restaurant.  There are daily travelers in and out, but there is a group of 9 of us staying long term here...3 Argentinians, 3 Swedish, 1 Danish, 1 Aussie (Jules) and me.  We have such great group dynamics and enjoy divulging in conversation, learning languages, cooking, chilling on the beach, creating percussion music, and of course heaps of laughing.  

Hope things are well your way.  Enjoy your day!  



  1. Wow!!! You are definitely having a great time. Glad things are going so well. Everybody here is envious because we aren't doing it. That's alroght, I'll just kive through you.
    Love you and hope to see you back here one day.

  2. We had one inch of sleet here on Friday night and school has already been cancelled for tomorrow (Monday). LOL!!! Sure wish I was lathering on sunscreen and working at a restaurant overlooking the ocean...... Sounds like you are having a great time. ;-)

  3. After 3 weeks of craziness, just got caught the stories, especially any concerning "getting out of your comfort-zone"... as I sit in front of the apartment complex computer...innnnn TEXAS!! WOW, definitely different. Keep em coming, since I'm 1400 miles from home, time to try out not only some new things, but a new attitude and outlook on living!! Be safe!