Sunday, November 1, 2009


Alrighty... Great things happening as of lately.  First off, I will be working for Stray Travel, an adventure bus company that takes backpackers and other travelers around the country to some great spots.  Their motto is "Off the beaten path" which means they like to go to some awesome places that the other tours dont.  Check them out at  Anyhoo, I will spend the next month in Barrytown, a small place on the West coast of the South island.    Stray just bought the ole wild west type lodge (an old miner's lodge).  Myself and another guy, Kevin, were recommended by IEP to help them get this destination ready.  We are headed that way this week via Wellington and 2 days in Marahau (Abel Tasman Ntl. Park).  Should be fun as there will be Stray buses coming in every other night...bone carving, kayaking, tramping, knife making and other activities on the rugged coastline.  We will be working with 2 experienced Stray guys in doing all kinds of odd jobs and prep work to make it a Cool Destination spot.  Word on the street is the pub gets rockin in Barrytown!  Cheers, Bird


  1. Sounds like a great opportunity and great adventure. Know you will enjoy having Allen around for a few days. Miss you! Syl

  2. wow! this sounds awesome, J! so happy for you, altho you are greatly missed here, of course. sounds like the adventure of a lifetime...not sure Fort Mill can compete with that! haha.