Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barrytown....aka Baz Vegas Baby!

Welcome to Baz Vegas Health and Drinks Club!  Currently I am working at a spot in Barrytown on the West coast of the South Island.  Basically doing quite a bit of everything...bartending, cooking dinner for the travelers, landscaping, painting murals, leading games for the guests and reorganizing this place.  Stray just took over the little hostel and they want it to be a FUN destination spot when the Stray buses stop here.  So basically, there are buses in 4 times per week...and it is like Halloween!  Each night hosts a different theme night complete with dress-up costumes, games and good times until late into the night.  It's great meeting all these backpackers from all over the world and helping them to have a great time!  
Stay tuned for some great pictures and stories!  Cheers!

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