Saturday, November 7, 2009

Red Denim

Red Denim??  Are you serious?  Oh yes...But I blog about red denim not because of the garment itself, but because of what hidden gem was wearing them.  We walked into the only pub in Marahau in Abel Tasman...and while observing the scene and doing my favorite hobby, people watching, I noticed a gentleman in red denim pants. He was an older lean man with a relaxed look about him... relaxed as if kind of clueless yet comfortable.  In addition to his red denim, he was also wearing a red button down shirt and I quietly thought to myself, “That gentleman sure does like red.”  Moving on around to other parts of the pub, there was another man with a straw hat, full thick beard, weathered visage, and looking as if he had many stories to tell.  The scene that unfolded was awesome and reminded me of the great values of being non-judgmental because you never know about people.   It was open mic night and "Red Denim" went up on stage with "The Bearded Storyteller" and they proceeded to JAM OUT on the harmonica, ukulele, guitar and electric fiddle!  LEGIT!  It was such a fun vibe and I was in awe at these individuals and their talents!  

This happens quite often in everyday life, and we should be conscious of our labeling and strive to not judge.  Lets use our energy on other nice things.  Don't take it from me... take it from Red Denim!  Cheers!

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