Wednesday, November 18, 2009

People Make the Difference

There are beautiful places and unique scenery everywhere...all over the world.  From the rugged West coast of New Zealand’s South island the Royal Mile at Edinburgh the gob-smacking Mediterranean views in Cinque Terra, Sydney’s Opera House the clear caribbean waters of Staniel Cay the awe inspiring Grand Canyon... All of these places that I have been fortunate to visit have a common thread of being gorgeous destinations.  But the underlying theme of a location reaching that “Awesome” label is of course your interaction with the people there and sharing it with someone.  

Individuals can make or break the experience.  Being in good company enhances the aura of a place ten-fold.  For example, I am often reminded of my experience at Camp Cherokee.  Facility-wise, it is very rustic with no fancy “bells and whistles”’s the people there that make the experience memorable.  The same goes with many of these fantastic destinations...the people that you encounter along the journey make it the difference of being just another beautiful location or being an unbelievable experience!

Europe was better because of my fellow backpackers, Catfish and Patches.  Australia was an outstanding experience because of my mates Emily, Ron and Tish.  Well so far, my kiwi adventures have been killer due to my new friends in Auckland and now here in Barrytown.  Just think about it yourself, a sunset is much more vibrant and vivid when sharing it with someone.  Sweet as!

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